Morning Glory Ministries is a 501c3 under The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. On the donation page, you may designate one of the funds below.

Checks can be Mailed to
Morning Glory Ministries
416 w 12th st
Kansas City, MO 64105

MGM General Fund.  Donations are utilized to meet the greatest needs and the general operational expenses of MGM.

Meal Sponsorship.  Donations cover the materials/food cost of providing one meal.  Donors may designate on which date sponsorship occurs.  An excellent way to honor birthdays, anniversaries, special dates…

  • Sponsor a Breakfast for $125.00
  • Sponsor a Lunch for $200.00

Emergency Assistance.  Donations fund the costs of providing bus passes, prescriptions, employment assistance, identification papers, rental assistance, and clothing/household/personal items not provided for through donations.

Capital Improvements.  The mid-to-long-term facility needs are funded through the Capital Improvements Fund.  Current capital needs include: Roof Replacement, Van Replacement, Electrical Upgrades, Security, Technology, and Bathroom Remodel.  A full facility evaluation will be conducted Spring 2019.

Legacy Endowment.  To sustain MGM’s mission into perpetuity, an endowment is needed to annually cover the operating budget of $205,000.  The goal of the newly created Legacy Endowment is $4M.  When gifts to the Legacy Endowment Fund total $25,000, a permanent endowment will be established at the Catholic Community Foundation.

Estate gifts, property, CRTs, gifts of life insurance, and similar will be distributed to funds depending on MGM’s need at the time the gift is received and determined by the Director and MGM Board, unless specifically designated by the donor.


Our Mission
“We uphold the inherent, God-given dignity in every human life by providing not only physical nourishment and basic needs, but also by fostering hope and self-worth in the most disadvantaged and forgotten members of society.”

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